Inbound Marketing

Inbound marketing

Tomorrow’s marketing!

More than just marketing, inbound marketing is a long-term marketing philosophy that will improve your sales and ROI.

What is inbound marketing?

The term inbound marketing was popularized by Hubspot in 2006. Compared to other marketing approaches, it covers the entire sales process, from first contact to purchase, but does not stop there. Inbound marketing is a philosophy that believes in long-term relationships, loyalty and positive word-of-mouth. This is the best way to turn your visitors into prospects and prospects into lasting customers!


Inbound marketing

Four steps to inbound marketing

The inbound marketing process works in four steps. At first, attract a visitor to your Website and convert him (not necessarily for a purchase; it can be through a subscription to a newsletter, Facebook, a request for information, participation in a contest, etc.). Afterwards, this recently established relation is converted into sales. It is now time to work on the relationship with this prospect and turn it into a long-lasting customer.


To help your branding, you need to attract potential customers (prospects) and bring them to your website. Several tools such as SEO optimization, advertising campaigns, cost-per-click SEM campaigns, blogs and social media can be used for this purpose.


To convert, you have to set the stage:  website, blog, social networks, landing pages, etc. You can do this in many interesting ways :  by creating efficient pages, sharing tools, implementing a streamlined buying process, calls-to-action and developing customized offers for each stage of the funnel. Please note that, at this point, a conversion is not necessarily a sale.


Selling is the ultimate goal, but there is more. You must create a pleasant, even memorable experience. You have to predict customers needs and think about after-sales service, processing refunds and complaints, after-purchase feedback , etc. This is where we prepare the next step.


Let’s suppose that by now, your customer is satisfied with your product and loved his customer experience. Your objective is now to make him a long-lasting customer by contacting him on a regular basis, to propose offers and encourage him or her to become a spokesperson for your brand on other social media, by sharing and through word-of-mouth. You have to build a quality long-term relationship with your customers, to your mutual benefit.

Our favorite inbound marketing solutions

Many inbound marketing solutions can simplify your efforts by automating the creation of content, marketing, sales, distribution, lead management and ROI measurement.


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