Travel booking engine

Advertige Travel booking engine is a software application that supports the travel and tourism industry for reservation purposes through internet. Due to the inability of the outdated systems to crunch the enormous amount of requests from customers in a speedy and efficient manner Online Travel Booking Engine was introduced, and with the increasing number of users of internet, the amount of the people who take advantage of this engine has also touched the sky. After the recent developments into the system and its technical inclination, the engine has come up with different updated new features that have made the service even more efficient to the travellers reducing a lot of hassle and saving time.

To cope up with the high demand of the industry every travel and tourism company need to have an online travel portal that can efficiently deal with the customers’ requests and needs. The most updated Online Travel Reservation Engine is one of the most vital things that your online portal needs to attract customers and serve them in the best way. We at Advertige take the best care to develop and manage the online travel portal of your company that meets every requirement of the present travel and tourism industry.

Technical Support For Travel Booking Portal Engine:

Our team of technical experts incorporate Java, PHP and Lamp programming to ensure that the engines can be automated easily. Using PHP programming makes editing easy and whenever something new has to be incorporated, the process becomes faster than ever. We take the finest care in developing the perfect Online Travel Booking Engine so that customers can easily compare the booking rates across different websites and opt for the best deals.

  • B2B Transaction: At Advertige, we deal with customer’s needs regarding their business to business transaction. If you are looking forward to a platform where the different companies can post their offering, we have the right solution.
  • B2C Transaction: Advertige is efficient enough to design a travel website where the customers can book their travel directly. It accumulates all the results from different websites at one place so that users can easily make their choice.

Features of online Travel Booking Engine System:

  • Our Online Travel Booking Engine provides a simple user interface that can be easily browsed through by thea users. It enables customers to open a number of websites individually to check and compare the booking rates of flights and other communications.
  • It enables customers to conduct their search in real time and check the booking rates across different websites in a single click of a mouse.
  • Once the deal is selected the software guides the customer to the booking page of the chosen travel site so that the tickets can be purchased with ease.
  • This high-tech program is created using highly sophisticated programming languages like java, PHP and open source which gives the tool a simple user interface.
  • The program integrates XML and API that gives the booking tool the unique feature to search for the lowest tariffs available with bookings.
  • The air ticket booking system is linked with the GDI that can be extraordinarily helpful for getting the inventory on the air tickets.

The major modules in the Travel Reservation System:

  • Hotel (XML): XML integration for hotel resources will allow you to access several hotels through it. The integration is a costly affair which involves numerous suppliers who can provide diversity and market competitiveness to your business. The system is quick, cost effective and filled with features.
  • Flight (GDS): Flight booking system has to incorporate the global distribution system, also known as GDS. Through this system, the user can purchase tickets from different airlines on a single platform. This service is specially effective for travel booking engines which provide convenience and cost effectiveness to its customers.