Paid Search Marketing


Advertige is not only an official google adwords partner, it is also an agency highly specialized in hotels.

Our SEM team can help drive relevant traffic to your hotel’s website and shift revenue from OTAs.

Hotel distribution has completely different rules compared with other online businesses. That is why you need experts that understand hotels to drive incremental business to your hotel website. We know where the visibility is, how to reach your customers and how much to pay for that traffic. We will build for you highly customized campaigns in google adwords both on search and display networks capable of delivering 100X ROI. Cost % of our campaigns typically vary from 1% to 8%. Compare this with AVG 17% OTA commission and you’ll see how worthy is a well optimized PPC investment.


  • Ads placed on Google
  • Hotel PPC campaign strategy
  • Ongoing optimization
  • Detailed reporting
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Increase your ROI and direct sales!